Frequently Asked Questions

How does my pool get to me?

The beauty of our pools being constructed from a shipping container is the ease of transportation. Our Modular Swimming Pools can be shipped worldwide. Shipping is not included in the base price as it is dependent on location.

Do windows come standard?

Yes 3 windows are included in the standard model – a 32 inch x 88 inch, plus two 4 foot x 8 foot windows.

How do I install my Modular Pool?

Modular Swimming Pools can work with your local contractors, advising on proper installation procedures. Ground prep will likely be required. The most common and cost effective foundation is 8” of compacted gravel. A 6″ concrete slab is also a popular and sufficient foundation. These are the most common methods, but other sufficient alternatives exist, and we will be more than happy to help you determine what works best for you.

     Once your new pool is placed, only two things need connected:

          1) 40 amp electrical service and designated ground wire.
          2) Natural gas/propane for your heater (if purchased)

Fill it up and start swimming in minutes!

What additional costs are there besides the pool?

Modular Swimming Pools are designed to be extremely cost effective! Besides the initial cost of the pool, the only other expenses necessary are shipping & the crane to set it, a simple gravel or concrete pad to set it on, and hooking it up to gas and electric.

We will assist you in finding reputable contractors for all of these things.

Does this affect my property tax?

No. Unlike inground pools, modular swimming pools do not raise your property tax!

What safety devices are installed on my pool?

We have taken every precaution possible to design our pool with safety in mind. For example, all lighting systems are 12 volt (low voltage). Also, the Hayward® TriStar® variable speed pump is built to shut off AUTOMATICALLY if it senses any resistance (for example, a floatie, or if you back up against the intake).

What are the measurements?

Modular Swimming Pools are built with full size containers measuring 8′ wide, 40′ long, and 8.5′ tall. This is the ONLY shipping container pool on the market that holds a full 8′ of water or more! (Most others are 5′ or less.)

The water level is 36″ in the shallow end, sloping down to the deep end which is a full 8 FEET DEEP! 
The 20 foot model is the same, but only 20 feet long.

What color choices do I have for my Modular Pool?

You can choose ANY COLOR in the Sherwin-Williams exterior paint palate (almost 100 colors to choose from)!

We designed modular pools to be an emblem of class, so we wanted to give you the ability to choose the best color to accent your house and landscape!

Can I make my Modular Pool an Endless Swim Spa?

Yes! We are proudly partnered with Endless Pools and can install their Fast Lane system in our 20′ and 40′ model at your request.

Are Modular Pools an above or below ground pool?

That’s up to you! Modular Swimming Pools can be installed above ground, inground, or even partially cut into the side of a hill. Do what fits your style and landscape!

Can I get a cover for my pool?

Yes. We offer an electric cover option for both sizes of pools.

How many jets can I get in the lounging bench?

We have the option of adding 8 massage jets in the shallow end. These jets can be controlled via your smart phone!

How long will it take to get my pool after I order it?

Average turnaround time on orders is 3-4 weeks, however this time may vary.

Modular Swimming Pools will keep you updated with with photos as production proceeds, as well as a final test video when the build is finished.

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