Putting The "Cool" Back In Pools!

Small Footprint, Low Maintenance, Huge Fun & Extraordinary Class!

The ONLY 8 foot deep Modular Pool in production!


Redefine what you know as “swimming pools”. Modular Swimming Pools sets a whole new standard in beauty, fun, endurance, practicality, and convenience! 

Who knew something built from a shipping container could be so awesome?!

What Is A Modular Swimming Pool?

A Modular Swimming Pool combines all the things that you love: convenience, luxury, and good times! 

We start with a shipping container, then transform it into a feature-packed, stylish swimming pool that you can simply set in place, fill up, plug in, and be swimming in minutes!

Bringing Together Family, Friends, and Fun!

Whether you are cooling off by yourself,
enjoying time with your family on a hot summer day, or throwing a barbeque with friends you aim to impress…

Your classy Modular Swimming Pool will always be the center of attention AND fun!

Increase Your Fun While Getting Fit With An ENDLESS POOL Fastlane Option!

Why A Modular Swimming Pool Is Right For You!

More Luxury, More Convenience

From the massage jets, to the LED lighting, to the elegant appearance, this pool screams of luxury - without the headache of an inground pool.

Tough As Nails

We hired an engineering firm who drew up plans, then we worked with them to double reinforce everything. Each joint is built with quality in mind, right down to the Sherwin Williams SteelTech industrial grade paint that protects it.

The Environments Best Friend

The entire concept of a shipping container swimming pool is environmentally friendly. We take something that would have rusted away in a junk yard somewhere, and transform it into a channel of family fun and memories for decades to come.

All of our pools feature a saltwater system to avoid harsh chlorine chemicals. The components are carefully selected to be highly energy efficient, and the insulation is second to none.

As American As It Gets Flags

Modular Swimming Pools is a veteran owned company, and our pools are 100% manufactured in the United States. We build with American pride, and you won't find better quality anywhere else!

Plug It In & Start Swimming

Once your swimming pool is set in place, you can literally fill it up, plug it in, and dive in!

You Dream It, We Can Build It

We've got a lot of features and options that you can choose from to make your perfect pool. But do you have an idea you don't see here? Custom sizes are available. Drop us a line, and we'll hook you up!

Easy To Move (Or Resell!)

Moving? Your Modular Swimming Pool can go with you. Decide you don't want a pool anymore? Unlike traditional pools that are a tremendous headache and cost thousands to remove, your pool can be sold for cash and moved easily!

No Need To Winterize - Swim Year 'Round In Any Climate!

With our phenomenal insulation and optional heater, you never need to close up your pool for the winter. Nothing beats a pool party while it’s snowing!

Huge Built-In Storage Space!

Our 40 foot model comes from our factory with a whopping 200 sq. ft. of sealed, dry storage underneath the swimming area that can be accessed from the rear cargo doors as well as from a locking side door!

Made in America!

ZERO-DOWN Financing - No Equity Required!

Get approved in just 30 seconds!

Get a Better Look

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Основные RGBОсновные RGB

Modular Swimming Pools come in 20 foot and 40 foot designs. All pools are 8 feet wide and 8 feet 6 inches high. The shallow end is 3 feet deep then transitions to 8 feet deep. This is the deepest modular pool on the market! Pools come standard with two 4 foot x 8 foot windows and a 33 inch x 89 inch window all on one side. Additional windows can also be added on the opposite side as well.

The 40 foot model has 200 sq. ft. of usable watertight storage built right into it for your convenience. The stairs can be placed on the right side or the left side.

Modular Swimming Pool Features

Standard Features

Salt Chlorination

Automation (Controlled by Smart Phone, Computer, or Alexa!)

Cartridge Filter

Color Changing LED Lights

UV Sanitation system

Two 4 Foot x 8 Foot Windows

One 33 Inch x 89 Inch Window

Additional Options

Endless Pool Fastlane

All Weather Heating

8 Directionally Adjustable Massage Jet Package

Additional Windows On The Opposite Side

All standard windows will be on one side of the pool. Any additional windows can be added on the opposite as well, allowing you to see directly through the pool!

About Us

     Cofounders David and Kevin built Modular Swimming Pools on the foundation of sacrifice, hard work, and red-blooded American values. 

     David is an army combat veteran who served in the military for 9 years before getting out to take care of his parents. He now serves the community as a police officer and has a strong desire to serve other veterans as well as build a better world for his family and the future.

     Kevin is a proud father of two who served the Department of Defense for 7 years. Today he serves his community as a volunteer fire fighter and as a police officer.

     We’re committed to giving back and supporting our communities by serving and protecting. Modular Swimming Pools is just one more way for us to give something of value to the country we love. We set out to create a sustainable product with the least amount of environmental impact possible without sacrificing any fun or functionality. 

And we’re proud to say that’s exactly what we did!

Charities We Support

     One of our core values is giving back! We make it a priority to build a better world by supporting charities we believe in.

     For every pool we build, we donate a portion of the proceeds to a charity, and you get to pick which one we support!

Let Us Know How We Can Help!